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More Free (your) Phone Stuff

Saturday, July 7th, 2007

The latest post by link to a bunch of openmoko (on youtube) videos that are very funny and enlightening.

Here’s my favorite:

While I was at it since these videos are also on youtube I naturally looked at one of the commenter’s favorite videos and stumbled upon The Klein Group Four including a nerdy love song about Finite Simple Group (of Order Two).

Sean is a Genious

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

“Free Your Phone” February 2007

neo1973 picture

OpenMoko, for anyone who hasn’t heard, is the next big thing in mobile phones. Or maybe the next next big thing. Anyway it’s my next phone. Recap of the above marketing talk: open phone leads to ubiquitous computing, and Sean is a god. And they can make money from it. But *I* can call everybody automatically and annoy them until hell freezes over, or they find some way to block me! Only minus is that there is no keyboard. A OpenMokoZaurus would have been too much to ask for I guess..

And about getting it – it should be available for 300$ or 450$ if you want the developer package (wonder if you can update the kernel with the 300$ kit?) – see the latest announcement