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Wednesday, February 18th, 2009

I started from . No, I actually started from the latest meeting of the pyweb-il group, where someone mentioned shakuf. Interested, I proceeded to the 7th eye, read Anat Balint’s very disturbing essay, and by googling her name found out about another very interesting place and mailing list called the iDC,, Institude for Distributed Creativity.

The alpha site of shakuf:

One nugget from the iDC mailing list:

Text Verbatim from Greenchange panel 4.2.2009

Wednesday, February 4th, 2009

New year, new prefix

Monday, January 5th, 2009

I haven’t made any resolutions of any sort for most of my existence. However I’m going to break with tradition, this once, and try to hold myself up to some goals / idea{,l}s:

Which one doesn’t fit? seriously, this list is half complete and not very well thought out. The only thing I’m sure of is the first part of it. Anyway, here it is, out in the open, for all the search engines to see. So happy new civilian year (doesn’t translate well into english I’m afraid), and happy 30th to me!

Full MapElevation

My Bicycle is dead, long live my bicycle!

Wednesday, October 22nd, 2008

This post has several themes / possible titles, namely: how would you prevent bicycle theft, for real? my bike just got lost (sympathy seeker post), and bikelines.

So I just got a new dahon (foldable), after my bike was stolen from a stairway on the ground floor (no door lock) in tel aviv. The idea of the dahon is of course that if you don’t leave them outside they can’t be stolen. After briefly (again) thinking about putting a gps somewhere it can’t easily be removed, with a transmitter, and of course you need a reciever, etc., I moved on, and a dahon seems like a solution, and besides I never owned a small wheel foldable bike. From 30 minutes riding so far they seem adaquate to my daily commute job (30 minutes each direction), so I’m optimistic.

Bikelines is my latest from the Where-ideas-go-to-die department, or maybe not, but it’s still a nice idea: Since I’m into my third bike in the last year and a half, and I happen to know the dates of the mysterious disappearances, wouldn’t it be nice to open a site and let everybody create a bikeline, like a familyline, showing “7.2007- 4.2008 k2, 4.2008-10.2008 nameless bike, 10.2008-? my new dahon”, etc. ?That opens the way to statistics, to geotagging (got them here, lost them here), and datamining (where are bikes most likely to get stolen? where are bikes most used in tel aviv?, what is the median/mean/std. dev of bike ownership? per city?) etc.

Tag chooser as an ML project

Thursday, May 1st, 2008

I think that would be cool: machine learning is used to tag stuff, that is to classify things. How about learning classes? it does that too. So it doesn’t seem to be too out of the way for someone to create a system that suggests tags for a blog, given a bunch of examples (i.e. existing posts, other people’s posts and tags). Anybody know of an existing one?

Play – a python squeak clone

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Play is the current name for a non existent and probably never to exists clone of squeak that currently resides in my mind. I’ve been wanting to have something squeak like but with python syntax, preferably a python engine under it, to play with. I’ve just read the whole thread that included many comments by the patapata guy (too bad he stopped), and resulted apparently from a shuttleworth fund / idea, that is further discussed here. So I’m thinking – how would I name such a program? play is my current idea (acronym however you like, maybe python learning yard), and how would you write it? My current idea is to do nothing at the interpreter level – I’ll start with CPython and exec away. I’ll have to have a gui with event handling, and at a minimum create the halo effect and the Transcript and Component browser (ok, it isn’t named that but I haven’t played enough with squeak to remember unfortunately). I guess I’d create a module and give access to it as a play binding in the namespace I exec user code in. So I’ll have the basic user objects (serializing the image will be done by using the pickle+code I know some guy in python-il did, forgot his name). The gui would be gtk, since I think it’s better then wx which was my previous favorite (gtk seems more stable, especially when combined with twisted). I’ll use twisted’s event loop. Of course I don’t want user code to have to see any of this. I guess all the nice stuff, like EToys, would be implemented by having a bunch of methods in the play module that allow you to tie in to the event system, and of course callbacks are very easy in python. The whole Gui/Event layer will be strictly python, so it will be visible to the user if he wants it too, maybe I’ll find some way to save it too into the image, should be pretty easy (some bootstraping problem here, but shouldn’t be a problem). The actual objects/stuff I’ll have to implement:
event loop – basically just use twisted+gtk for this
windowing system – If I want to implement the halo’s and user objects, to get maximum control I could have a single canvas and implement the whole windowing layer including any painting my self, probably using cairo to do the painting. That would give me maximum flexibility, especially if I decide one of the goals is similarity to squeak look and feel. otoh, if I don’t want to write code to do z-buffering of windows and directing events, I could just use gtk for that and get all the widgets it has (of course I then have more limited portability).
The real question is whether someone already started doing this. I’ll have to read the rest of the thread I guess. How much time could I invest in this? what would I gain by doing so, except scratching an itch which would probably disappear if I left it alone?

Driving Simulator for.. Drivers! (and stuff)

Monday, October 1st, 2007

What is the biggest problem on the roads? Death. easy. How do you prevent it? (this is a rhetorical question) You write a driving simulator and distribute it through the government which requires passing it to drive in the country.

Demo/Screensaver idea: based on computation of visibility polygon. Define a region (make it some random simple polygon). randomly choose the positions of two groups of people. Let each person randomly move and try to attack a member of the opposite group. Make it 3d or 2d with a 3d camera view, and move the camera / attach it to someone etc.