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Common, Tel Aviv, where's the Firefox spirit?

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

So I’m going to live in the place in that picture. But why did I have to go through an ordeal just to get tel-aviv’s free for all gis site to actually give me this shit? First it doesn’t show you the overview – so you guess where florentine is and do an initial zoom in. After several tries you get it. Then there is that annoying “loading” graphic that doesn’t disappear, ever. Arghh. On the bright side – I’m moving to Tel Aviv! admins/developers, hear this, hear this: firefox is not a 0.1% market anymore, more like 20%. Linux FF users, like moi, are not that many, but growing. Please fix. I’m hereby volunteering to beta test any improvement you throw at me.

And before anybody asks: this was done on FF3, with both the profile in the picture and a relatively clean one without any addons, and FF2 didn’t even get this far. All on ubuntu hardy (or is it intrepid now? but that hardly matters to the firefox version).

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Rotated Hebrew text

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

Try writing a “wanted” add for an apartment to rent in hebrew in any of the following programs: openoffice (2.4), kword, abiword, scribus, scribus-ng (1.3 something). It doesn’t work. I finally found one program that made it pretty easy – inkscape. The rant goes on:

  • openoffice
    • hard to find – it appears to support rotated text (under char settings – would have expected it to be paragraph settings).
    • rendering – Just try: overlap of words, some words are not rotated (if they are short enough – may be good behavior, but not by default), and numbers are reversed (that is, they should be shown normally, but are reversed like the hebrew r
  • abiword – just can’t do it (in the bug list)
  • kword – ditto
  • scribus – great support for rotation, lousy support for hebrew – you can rotate a whole text box, but that includes any english or numbers therein.

So finally I thought – SVG, and immediately went to inkscape – this worked great, except for the fact that there are no tables, but you can create a text box, fill it, then clone with ^D and then there are nifty layout tools to spread them like a table. Some guessing makes it align with the page width.

Anyone with other experiences? I’m adding the final result so people understand what the aim was.

if you’re interested, email me