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Quick post from Burning Man

Monday, August 31st, 2009

Arrived here on Saturday after a night in Reno (not as big / pretty as I expected. And less radiation damage too. But a nice river-something section which is casino free). So like I haven’t really explore Burning Man yet? and our GSM isn’t really working, kinda? so we are, like, busy, fixing it and shit? Some really cool tower setup (70′ + major winds and dust = scary) pictures, to be posted later, including with anything else. Learned some sailing lessons from setup of tents aka shade structures. So this is all the sound for now. 3 hr sleep, arghh. Laterz.

Mourning Ban 2009

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Hello blog fans!

The title celebrates this piece of wisdom, but other then that, the old news – I’m going to Burning Man 2009 (btw – checkout the Thunderdome) , I’ll be getting there slightly early (got an early pass! can cut all that traffic), on the 29th (just had a really strange episode – alt-tabbed away, and then looked for the email client where I was writing, until figuring out it wasn’t email I was writing – weird).

Been alternately staying home or going to Noise Bridge in SF, yesterday attended Erlang class there, and now I’m writing my first piece of that – a gui to capture all the nice packets with Mobile Station info we are sending now from the OpenBTS everytime a new MS registers with us. The penultimate goal (right behind world domination) is to have a nice display going in BM with all the locations of the various members, and also to correlate that with transceiver control loop parameters. Will be a nice display of the kind of privacy we are getting from using cell phones.

To finish with something lighter, I got my camera, a Canon A590IS (Image Stabilization in case you are wondering), and as they say, an image is worth 1MB of text (as long as it is ascii, and no compression is allowed), so far my photography skills are not there yet, but worked in the Berkley Bowl (this image is dedicated to my former flatmates, may their throats never run dry):

Hebrew, The Promised Bear.

Hebrew, The Promised Beer.

Current plans are going to Australia, Sydney, on the 28th of September (with 10hr in LA), start off with a trek in Tasmania, after that TBD, come back to SF on the first of December. According to the climate I won’t be able to go too north or I’ll be greeted by the wet season. On the other hand, maybe a yes? no worries.

Rut sof.


p.s. this blog brought to you from webfaction, my new host, courtesy of power outages in bar ilan. So far – recommended.

Geeking it out in San Francisco

Sunday, August 2nd, 2009

Kind of feeling like a high school essay. But don’t expect that high a quality. I’ve been sitting on my ass since the marathon. Really. I’m embarrassed, actually. So instead of writing what I didn’t do, let’s see what I did, and give you the photos I have from the marathon as well.

Long now foundation – turns out they are headquartered in SF (incidentally Neal Stephenson’s new book Anathem is a reflection on a society that takes the long view seriously). I went to hear a lecture (mp3) about organic farming and genetically modified plants, and stayed for the free drinks and opportunity to see parts of the long now clock displayed (the first prototype is in london, but they have models and parts), and go over their library. Also got an ecological calendar (2009, which is why it only cost 5$. need to send that over to Israel. Still cool as a poster)

Noise Bridge – not sure how to call this. You can see the site – they are holed up in the mission in SF, basically something like garage geeks I guess. Stayed to hear a lecture about gesture recognition using a wii mote. Really cool place. Quite a steep price for membership. Did get to do some juggling with an australian startup dude.

PaRiSoma – I always liked the idea of co-working, so I went to check one of the places out. Again in mission in SF, this is on Howard St., just dropping in to work (wifi, coffee, space) is free, and they also sell the freerunner (yes, I got that lame phone – hey, only 250$, couldn’t resist. I now have the complete product line of openmoko). They are the ones that pointed me to noise bridge.

What’s next? I’m babysitting the cats for my brother until the 23rd, which means I’ll be in california, probably go to lake tahoe. I’ve payed my dues to see The Man Burn, and started to get involved with the OpenBTS setup for this year. This is a work in progress, I’m glad to be a part of it. BM is from 31.8 until 7.9, still not sure if I’m going to NYC, guess I should get tickets for Sydney at some point..

Marathon pictures – sorry for the captions, they wanted 50$ per picture, I don’t think so.