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life is technical

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

just a few thoughts I wanted to get to paper, funny that this is what I think of as paper. Here goes:

bpython is the new ipython – well, not quite, actually bpython has a much more modest scope, but it is available on the major linux distributions and is nicer looking then ipython (and that’s saying something). Basically it’s a better console then the default python, gives you syntax highlighting, F2 to view source of current function you are typing, intellisense like completion (based on dynamic introspection and not static analysis of course), and the author’s favorite is pastebin at your fingertips, haven’t tried that yet.

Back to learning haskell, bit by bit, every train ride I progress a little thanks to 3G connection of my N900 (which I have not installed ghci on yet though it is available), and my small PC-Z1 is now used as a haskell learning environment. All thanks to the Real World Haskell book which is an awesome idea, book with inline comments (I think I saw it first done on django project docs?). Plan on buying it once I finish (or getting someone to buy it for me 🙂

Back to learning RRLP I hope, as part of the OpenBTS project, maybe as a joint effort with OpenBSC – will update gnuradio wiki eventually with the current stuff (which is available in the latest git repo from sourceforge for OpenBTS).

Haiku’s strace

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

Haiku is out, 9 years in the making by copyright, and all I can say is sweet strace.

running in qemu