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Linked-in and the word private

Thursday, March 1st, 2018

I was looking for a job the last few months. I just entered linked-in and at the top a banner prompted me to share my current status – actively searching to not searching with 5 options. And then they added a last sentence, just to cement the new-speak we have all gotten used to so far:

“This information is private”

Aha. Private to who? to me? no, you have it. Oh, you mean I know I am in the system so how would I even assume the information is not shared with you?

Maybe we should have a new saying. Maybe it should have said

“This information is big brother only”

or if they don’t like that phrase

“This information is for our eyes only”

Perhaps I am overreacting and there is some form of privacy keeping of the information – none was explained (i.e. they could put my data into a wide bin with no names, for example (country,age-group))

Just please stop abusing the word private. You can’t collect information and keep it private, unless it stays on my server, in which case: Congratulations, you just made a decentralized linked-in!