Hey, look at my bike!

I won’t cover south lake tahoe, new york city, the new noisebridge hq in san francisco, my surfing attempt, both visits to the blue mountains next to sydney, nor sydney tower, sydney university campus, my bicycle getting stolen, and my gps screen becoming half visible.

Instead, let me offer you this picture. Today I tried to test the sunlinq for the first time. Got 24.4 Voltage (no load) with fullest sun, this being a particularily windy and partially cloudy day I also got 23.0 with part cloud cover, all at freshwater beach next to manly, in Sydney. The rubber cables and hooks are easy to carry and do a fine job attaching to the sunlinq to the bike. The bicycle is incedentally another Dahon, just a better model (Speed D9), got for 780 Australian Dollars at cellbikes (nice place, right next to Sydney University), and I now have a New York Kryptonite which costs 140$ and weighs 3 Kg (I had them weigh it for be before deciding to purchase). But now I’ll be sure that if the bicycle is stolen, I probably forgot to close the lock.

Sunlinq 25W on top of the Dahon Speed D9

Sunlinq 25W on top of the Dahon Speed D9, next to a bench at Freshwater beach in Sydney. You can see the australian continent on the shopping bag (click for larger version). Helmets are mandatory in Australia.

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  1. hanan says:

    nice one!
    the trick about solar power though is the amps, not the volts. so how many amps does it give?

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