Plans ahoy

The future as planned: departing tomorrow by greyhound to Rainbow beach, going to Fraser island the day after that for a self drive tour of two days, after that greyhound again airlee beach, yacht of two days in Whitsunday Islands, then north by greyhound to mission beach, 1 day there, then north further to Cairns, Pro Dive sail with diving in the reef, then a few undefined days hopefully in Daintree Rain Forest and Cape Tribulation, followed by a return by plane to Brisbane, few days there, return by plane to Sydney, final days there, and return to San Francisco on the 1st of december, and after a few days of rest and unpayed for internet I’ll be leaving for Tokyo, only to return to SF at the end of the first week of January and then to israel a few days later.

3 Responses to “Plans ahoy”

  1. jessicab says:

    “unpayed [sic] for internet” ????

  2. smallRunner says:

    Hey mate,
    Apparently some people who have to do with me having a salary, want me to go to San Francisco sometimes, they just don’t know when…
    So it’ll either be “too bad you’re in Tokyo” or “Hey mate, that’s twice in a lifetime already” (remember we spent a day in Amsterdam together?). Hope it’s the latter!

  3. admin says:

    unpayed by me – in Australia generally internet for travelers is accessible in internet shops, you pay by the hour. Most coffee shops put a password and give it only to customers, with the exception of mcdonalds.

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