Miss Home

Tokyo is cool, but I want to go home. Ok, the language barrier is very annoying. I spent 5 days trying to get better in it – of course that’s childish, also cost me 600$ , for 15 hours of private lessons. Wakarimasen. The lessons were taken in MLC, recommended, but highly priced, and tacky 90’s style website – but you don’t pay them for web know how.

Only been around Tokyo (東京) so far – Asakusa, Imperial gardens walls (tip: don’t go on Monday, the gardens are closed. another tip:  RTFM), Ginza, Ueno, Harajuku, Shinjuku, Meguru (for MLC) and of course electric town Akihabara, been there like 4 times by now, and actually bought something (sharp’s relatively new pc-z1). That’s about 8 out of 23 wards, or ku’s, which make up the huge monstrosity known as Tokyo.

Went to a temple during the 47 ronin memorial day, people sure burn a lot of incense around here. But above all, I’ve been spending time in my room watching movies (Avatar is recommended, Afro samurai resurrection is not) and trying to decide what to do. It’s bloody cold – that’s what I hate most. Going to try and find some place to ice skate. There are excellent places to ski, so I’ve read, but I think if I’m cold now I should probably do this some other time when I’m better equipped. Also, it will probably cost a bundle (I’ll have to rent everything). I really have no idea why I came here. Pictures? go google tokyo. I have no pictures with me in them anyhow, so it won’t make much difference. Oh, I have one guy who I met in the 47 ronin temple, really cool marine living in tokyo since may, of course I lost the notebook I wrote down his facebook contact on the same day, so except for first name Christopher I have no clue how to find him (born on the year of the dragon I think – still not enough to find in facebook). So I give you the back of Christopher, if I meet him again I promise a face will be documented (or I’ll get a tatoo of his facebook / email address – I remember it’s @yahoo.com, big help), and some incense for background, and finally another nice picture I found:

For the next weeks until I leave I have some guidelines, but I think I’ll try to spend some time in a local hackerspace (called tokyohackerspace weirdly enough) and work on some stuff I want to get done. Konnichiwa y’all.

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