Happy new year!

After the last post I had a few nice things going. Visited tokyohackerspace, where I played with the chibi and got one for my “”troubles””. I’m now planning on getting another one and addon adxl345 boards to develop two things: an anti bicycle theft device and juggling balls that teach juggling. Not sure about the order, since the later is way cooler, but the former is very usable considering the rate of stolen bicycle in my personal history.
Also did a three day tour going west of tokyo, didn’t reach all the way to the tip but visited Himeji-jo (jo means castle), great karateka flashback, Kobe, including the earthquake museum, Osaka, half a day spent in den-den and got me a hhk which is my bday present from my brother and his wife, and also saw Osaka-jo and read the long history of this country that keeps reminding me of the mote in gods eye. Well, just the fighting part and fast development part. I guess they still have two arms. Finally visited Kyoto, but it was already the 29th of december so most museums and the castle were closed, to my disappointment. Returned to Tokyo, spent 21$ to see a avatar in 3d (3d is awesome), the next day found out I couldn’t take out money using my visa, some interneting revealed I hit the monthly limit of 19000 nis. Personal record! Which brings us to the What’s next department.
What’s next? I still have a few more days here. I’m not going to ski because it would be idiotic considering my funds and besides I’m not enthused.. strike that, well I am, but next time. So I have 4 days of unlimited train travel over JP and I intend to use them, at least to see nikko (a must), and probably see how far north I can go on local/rapid trains in one day. I do love to use my gps.
Then I’m going back to Oakland and then back home. That raises two issues, that of where to stay and what to do. .. . You don’t think I know, do you?

Thanks for reaching the end of my travel blog. I enjoyed writing some of the posts, and reading all of your comments, but this blog will be going back to it’s original purpose, that of writing obscure technical monologues. Have a wonderful linux-on-the-desktop year!

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