Evil Pigeons

My group’s game in globalgamejam 2010 is Evil Pigeons. Simon Reisman was the Producer, Game Designer and did Sounds, Ori Peleg did the Small Assets,  Omer Nainudel did the Background, and I did the Programming. Really cool work and experience, writing a game in 48 hours (even less), except when you are looking for a bug like pygame.mixer loading sounds from non existent files without complaining. But shit happens, which is what the game is about; Get it from Global Game Jam, from saymoo, or get the sources at github.

Screenshot from our game, a two player non symmetric game; as the pigeon master, you try to send the pigeons to do their business over the car, you can use shift+num to distract the shooter. As the shooter, it's your standard shooting game, except you can't hit the sitting pigeons.

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