Should I develop on Xorg? I’m thinking this is a good idea for several reasons:

* I lack a pet c++ project (or c project for that matter). I’m doing python all day, and I’m losing c++/c.

* I have some pet peeves. The most annoying is problems with my new laptop’s intel driver. I specifically set out to get a laptop with OSS drivers, and got one (for video at least), and now they suck! I get hangs when running qemu, some games don’t have iDTS (spring RTS). And another thing is Xephyr, which I’d like to improve in a small manner.

The con is of course that Xorg is a motherfuckingly huge project, with autoconf etc. At least it is modularaized.

And then again I have three dual core machines that should be seeing some action some way..

Will see.

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  1. Joel says:

    Don’t you have a thesis to work on?
    // kidding.

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