tracking release fixed bugs (or, which BZ are missing from spice 0.8.2 NEWS file)

Our NEWS file looks like:

spice new-version
* bla
* fixed 666666, 777777

spice old version

To gurantee all the bz’s are in there the next time we need to track which bz’s were fixed in some git branch between the last and new release. Assuming they are tagged, and commits include the bz in the message (the last is hard to verify – could go look at bugzilla for real), this becomes:

git log 0.8.1..0.8.2 | grep -o -E "#[0-9]{6}\>" | tr -d "#"

If you happened to already have done a release, and you want to see how screwed up the NEWS file is, this works:

((git log 0.8.1..0.8.2 | grep -o -E "#[0-9]{6}\>" | tr -d "#" | sort -u); (git show 0.8:NEWS | gawk '/0.8.2/ { a=1; } /0.8.1/ { a=0; } { if (a) print; }' | grep -o -E "[0-9]{6}" | sort -u);) | sort | uniq -u

And if you also want to paste that into a blog post in html, do:

_last_command_output_ | sort | uniq -u | sed -e 's|\(.*\)|<a href="\1" title="\1">\1</a>|'

So let posterity know that the following BZs are also fixed in spice 0.8.2:


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