Interactive Python, pypy status blog now online

Some stuff I recently found:

  • reinteract – It is like a Mathematica worksheet for python. You can do plots, images, and whenever you change one of the previous lines everything affected is recomputed (think excel if you’re not familiar with mathematica). Wonder if the sage people are aware of this? they could have a desktop frontend that isn’t webbased.
  • what about a console that can be used by a few people at the same time? good for trying out stuff, teaching. Should be behind https, but that’s just a detail. Probably pretty easy to do with any available web framework. With pypy you can also do it securely.
  • pypy has a status blog – Seems they are currently or just finished a road show, hope they manage to get to the faster then c goal (just noticed that seems like faster the light speed.. guess I’m pretty slow 🙂

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