Meat: future

Why we need? we do, stop asking

How to produce? raise animal, kill animal, process animal, eat flesh.

What side-effects? large land use, water use, disease from close proximity crosses to humans, suffering

Is better way? yes, take cell from animal, grow cells to tissue, process tissue, eat tissue.

really? yes, like interleukin, insulin, beer, only more complex. is cultured meat.

is sci-fi? no, human windpipe transplanted, rat kidney research, modern meadow leather TED, cultured hamburger.

is next year? not quite, is new harvest goal

no hebrew? העמותה לחקלאות מודרנית

2 Responses to “Meat: future”

  1. I volunteer to eat the first decent burger and fries to come out of the vat. In parallel, perhaps its possible to develop sentient potatoes that bleed when cut?

  2. admin says:

    I think the sentient potatoes will be a novelty item long after the cultured beef is available, but who knows 🙂

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