debian wheezy getent initgroups for systemd-231 systemd-nspawn

systemd-nspawn requires a working ‘getent initgroups’ when run with the ‘-u’ switch. Replicating what fedora gives:

mv /usr/bin/getent /usr/bin/getent.orig

contents of /usr/bin/getent


import sys
import os

if sys.argv[1] != 'initgroups':
    os.execv('/usr/bin/getent.orig', sys.argv)

with open('/etc/group') as fd:
    lines = fd.readlines()

user = sys.argv[2]
boo = [x.split(':') for x in lines]
l = [x[2] for x in lines if user in x[3].split(',')]
if len(l) == 0:
    print('{:22}{}'.format(user, ' '.join(l)))

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