The last lecture

I just read the book, by Randy Pausch. It is very moving, as things like that usually are to me. But very uplifting too. I guess it would be best just to give a few pointers from the book, since I’m not that good at rehashing stuff, even if I just read them and they are fresh in my mind.

What is the book about, and why should you follow those links? It’s about someone who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and knows he has 6 months to live. It is about “How to accomplish your childhood dreams”. It is about what makes life worth living. And it is also about python. Ok, it isn’t about python, but it does mention it in one of the pages. Java is also mentioned, to be frank. Alice is too (

First there is the books site,

The author’s main site, with the video of the last lecture given in CMU, and also a video about time management by same, Randy Pauch home page. You can find a blog there with day by day updates too.

A very good essay about statistics that are in fact good to know, and not just lies^3:  The Median Isn’t the Message by Stephen Jay Gould

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    Damn good talk!

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