From textarea to embedded word processor

I’ve got this django app which I’m slowly heaping features on. The latest attempt is to augment the admin interface to allow rich text edits. I found and tested two solutions so far:

  • dojo – specifically, 2.1.3 (and also 3.0.8 but quickly backed out, it’s alpha). It’s a whole framework, I just looked at dijit.Editor. Turns out it is very feature inferior to the next option
  • tinyMCE – I think this is what moinmoin uses [update: nope, they use fckeditor – needs investigation] . Very nice, has tables, right to left, html raw edit (I would have prefered it like moinmoin, with an option to be raw in the same form, not open a popup – I guess I could do that myself)

So far the experience thaught my  that javascript, and the whole browser api, can be pretty nice (at least as seen through dojo).

So, if anyone has any opinions on a prefered widget for this sort of thing, chime in!

links for continued work are gathered in my wiki

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