Rotated Hebrew text

Try writing a “wanted” add for an apartment to rent in hebrew in any of the following programs: openoffice (2.4), kword, abiword, scribus, scribus-ng (1.3 something). It doesn’t work. I finally found one program that made it pretty easy – inkscape. The rant goes on:

  • openoffice
    • hard to find – it appears to support rotated text (under char settings – would have expected it to be paragraph settings).
    • rendering – Just try: overlap of words, some words are not rotated (if they are short enough – may be good behavior, but not by default), and numbers are reversed (that is, they should be shown normally, but are reversed like the hebrew r
  • abiword – just can’t do it (in the bug list)
  • kword – ditto
  • scribus – great support for rotation, lousy support for hebrew – you can rotate a whole text box, but that includes any english or numbers therein.

So finally I thought – SVG, and immediately went to inkscape – this worked great, except for the fact that there are no tables, but you can create a text box, fill it, then clone with ^D and then there are nifty layout tools to spread them like a table. Some guessing makes it align with the page width.

Anyone with other experiences? I’m adding the final result so people understand what the aim was.

if you’re interested, email me

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