In Frisco, one week to Marathon


This is the first blog post I write expecting it to be read, what a change 🙂 Let’s see, what would you like to know? I landed in San Francisco on Friday, two days ago already. Been spending about half the time sleeping, jet lag I think, the rest has included one foray into SF, ran the second half of the marathon, another 10km run today, mainly to try the second gel variety (much more edible – powerbar), and a party for departing postgrads that my brother invited me to, at a very nice house.

The second half of the marathon included parts I wasn’t familiar with, starting with a 10~ km stretch in Golden Gate Park (which is not near the Golden Gate Bridge, and doesn’t contain anything except the name in relation to it, but is a very beautiful park and has many interesting places in it – it is quite huge), from there east towards the bay, then along Embarcadero until Folsom street. Surprisingly no a lot of slopes, with the exception of Utah/22nd street, which could kill me (not really, but it is going to be interesting after 38 km).

Other then that trying to decide what I’m going to do next. That is turning out into more of a job then I wanted. Someone could make a job / site out of trip planning. Probably something like that already exists. I mean, not guided tours, but more on the low expenses side. Options for what to do in the next month/two until I fly to Sydney include: concentrating on SF and California (rent a car, go to national parks), going to Seattle and Vancouver, and from Seattle taking the train to New York City (visiting places along the way), and flying back to SF, and actually anything else. Considering a visit to Spaceport America.

Thanks for reading, will keep you updated once I’ve got my number (Saturday, day before the race). I “found out” the race starts at 5:30 – 6:30 am (a range since there are multiple waves). This raises the question of how to get there, since the BART (the train) doesn’t work at those hours, and by car it will probably be jammed, and I’ll have to get a lift from my brother (no parking).

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  1. Zigmar says:

    Subscribed to your blog’s rss. Keep us updated 🙂

  2. hanan says:

    if you need niv to give you a lift during a jamm… its gonna be one way!

  3. smallRunner says:

    Was kinda expecting blogs out of you to come with the GPS coordinates 🙂
    just kidding, enjoy your time.
    maybe it _is_ worthwhile to hang out in SF and find the real sites where people post their travel plans/idea, maybe an interesting opportunity will pop out of nowhere.
    myself having been to SF and california, (same as you) would definitely go for OR-WA-BC

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